Announced just last week,  Google launched a full-fledged planning portal for brides-to-be not surprisingly entitled… Google Weddings! Gone are the days of “googling” to find the best site/vendor to create your wedding website and make your save-the-dates. With Google Weddings, it’s all in one place 🙂 so it makes your wedding planning experience a lot less stressful (and might I add a lot more organized). Oh, and it gets even better! They offer wedding-specific and customizable templates in Google Sites, Google Docs, and Picnik for planning materials, invitations, and much, much more. In Google Docs, for instance, you can access and edit your planning documents from your venue, your bridal shop, the bakery, or pretty any vendor involved in your wedding! How convenient is that?!

Personally, my favorite aspect of Google Weddings is the photo editing and personal announcements from Picnik where you can create save-the-dates, engagement announcements, and so much more!

So, if you’re in the beginnings or even in the midst of planning your wedding I have a funny feeling that will be at the top of your bookmarks ;). Happy planning!

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