Lois, "The Corpse Flower"

Lois, “The Corpse Flower”

Sitting at my desk today, I got an email from my co-worker. The email subject line read “stinky wedding.” Well, with a subject line like that I immediately had to stop what I was doing to open it! As I read the MSN article, I couldn’t help but chuckle about this Bride-to-be’s unexpected wedding guest who smells like dead bodies. Yes, dead bodies!

Jessica Zabala plans to be married in the Houston Museum of Natural Science this Saturday, but what she wasn’t planning was that Lois, a rare six-feet tall “corpse flower,” would start blooming in the room right next to where her wedding ceremony would be held. How’s that for a wedding crasher?

The flower is an Amorphophallus titanum, which has only bloomed 29 times in the United States. And as the name suggests when Lois blooms she smells like a corpse.  The rare flower’s dead-body smell attracts the flies and insects it needs to pollinate.

According to the article, Lois was about two-thirds of the way to full bloom by Thursday and between 3,000 and 4,000 people were visiting daily to take a sniff. Fortunately for Jessica, it will only stay open about two days, and the smell generally dissipates within the first 12 hours of blooming.

Although many brides may see Lois as an unwanted wedding guest, Jessica has a superb attitude towards the rare flower’s bloom exclaiming, “I don’t need a florist anymore, I’ve got Lois.” Forget orchids, calla lilies, or freesias, Jessica is making her wedding genuinely unique (and unforgettable I might add) with the rare corpse flower!

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