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Cosmos Chocolate

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Chocolate cosmos are an elegant and beautiful way to add an understated pop of color to a floral arrangement. These sweet little burgundy flowers are each perched atop thin stems with bright green foliage. The shape of these flowers resembles a daisy’s as they are in the daisy family. Not only are these cosmos pretty, but they also have a luscious chocolate fragrance.

The dark red burgundy color of chocolate cosmos is perfect for a wedding. You can really make this color shine by pairing these flowers with dark filler greens and white flowers. Chocolate cosmos symbolize order, peace and modesty. They can also represent walking hand-in-hand with a romantic partner. Additionally, they are associated with October births and second wedding anniversaries.

Order chocolate cosmos in bunches of 10 stems from Blooms by the Box. These flowers are extremely delicate and very hard to hydrate. If they arrive wilted, try to shock them back to life by placing them in cold water and storing them in a cool, dry place. Because of their delicate nature, these cosmos usually only last for three or four days.

Size: Stem length is 8-10 inches, blooms size 1.5" -2.5" wide
Vase Life: 3-4 days - VERY DELICATE and difficult to hydrate
Availability: Needs lead time - April - November
Suggestions: Pair these unique flowers with greens and whites to make their color pop! They are rather delicate so take extra care with them during hydration. If they arrive wilted try to shock them back to life by putting them in a cool DRY place in COLD water!

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